This is my about page. This where I tell you stuff about me.

Um. Well, I’ve got a blog!

Huh. Actually, notes on that. I will, at some point, go back and start tagging entries, but for now everything’s a mishmash of random fiction and writings.

Also, my writings will go over some mature themes. I generally like to keep my language PG-13-ish, but will swear if the occasion calls for it, and I do get into some heavy stuff in my writing.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Bruwulf on said:

    Hey Robert… This is Bru. don’t know if you check this any more, but if you do… Can you try to get in touch some way?


  2. Hi! I don’t update here much these days, as you’ve noted, but…well, I seem likely to be updating it a bit more in the future. (As you’ve probably also noted.)

    My email is probably exactly what you’d expect: robert (dot) liguori (at) gmail (dot) com. Feel free to drop me a line any time.


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