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The Mercantile Wizard

Some more D&D fiction here.
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What has gone before:

Fair warning, y’all. This is all about my relationship with a message board ending in my being banned. It’s chock-full of inside baseball, rampant meandering speculation, Culture-War politics, and nostalgia, and unless you’re a current-or-former member, it’s probably of very little interest to you.

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[WIR: Magic’s Promise] 5-1: Brilliantly Awkward or just Awkward

Ho boy.

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The Tao of Optimization.

The practitioners of the Way go by many names. God-modders, mix-maxers, munchkins, twinks…I, personally, choose to embrace them all. (Albeit with a little caution for the last one, since it has alternate connotations and I wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone.)

I am all of these things. I am an optimizer. Not just in games, mind you, but games provide some of the clearest examples of the way to optimize, so I’ll be talking mostly about them. Games, bared down to their essentials, are a series of interesting choices.

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[WIR: Magic’s Promise] 4-4: This series’s favorite awkward territory.

Last time, Vanyel had started getting about his first proper day back at home, including dealing with his mother.

His plan to distract her winsome court with epic bardic music appears to have been, at first blush, a bad plan.

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[WIR: Magic’s Promise] 4-3: He Didn’t Ask For This

Now, then. Where was I?

Well, I was here. As I said before, I am now intending to continue my WIR of the Valdemar books in a medium that I control. I’ll also be a little more diligent about backing up what I write; I’ve got a half-written draft of my thoughts on, but since I can’t get to what I read that wasn’t emailed back to me, I can’t get some quotes and context I’d like.

Also, as a note: This wordpress theme does a great deal of auto-formatting with quotes. This means that I have apparently lost my ability to italicize or otherwise call out Vanyel’s internal monologue.

I’ll probably have to learn how to customize WordPress themes and re-learn CSS to fix this

Well, both history and programming can wait.

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Closing a chapter and opening a new one.

Tags: Personal, Drama, Culture War, WIR

Well, that’s that.  As of a few days ago, I am no longer welcome at the message boards.

It was a long and twisty road that lead to this point, and I will probably go back and do a post-mortem of where I feel the problems with’s culture first set in, and of the events leading up to my banning, but for now, it’s enough to say that I’m gone.

I’d been a member of for over a decade, with over five thousand posts.  I’ve written a fair amount there that I’m quite proud of.  My largest and longest-running project has been a Where I Read project on Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar books.  I’ve done a series of recaps for completed books here already; since this ban caught me in the middle of a book, I’ll probably go on to just continue my WIR for that book in the same format, then pause and evaluate what the best way to continue will be.

Now I just need to find out if there’s a handy guide to WordPress-specific HTML out there.  Like, are there tags like there used to be for Livejournal? I’d love to have an lj-cut equivalent tag to make the many large posts not clutter my feed.

Well, I do my best learning when I’m having to adapt to something unexpected.  Watch this space.  I should have my next WIR bit up shortly, as well as a one-stop index to the What Has Gone Before bits.

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