I am a bastard, part one of many.

A quick story from my past that I feel like sharing:

Friend: *listening idly to news as disliked media figure speaks* “There he goes, blowing the dog whistle again.”
Other friend: “I dunno, it’s not like he’s being subtle.”
Me: “Yeah. Talking about ‘political correctness’ at all is only done to attack it. It’s a sibboleth, basically.”
Friend: “A what?”
Me: “A sibboleth! You know, it’s language you only use to prove you’re a member of one group or another-”
Other friend: “You mean a shibboleth.”
Me: *quirks eyebrow* “Yes, a sibboleth. That’s what I said.”
Other friend: “No, you said-”
Friend: *holds up a hand for pause, googles*
Friend: “…You are a bastard.”

He was not wrong.


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