On Writing.

I like this blog, I really do. I like having a space to write stuff without any expectations as to what that stuff will be.

And it’s weird what comes out in the course of writing. The Tavern and the Brownie story I put up a while ago is years old. It dates back to a D&D campaign I ran nearly a decade ago, and just never got around to setting to paper. But it wasn’t finished. The ending was weak. It wasn’t until I actually started typing it out and I got to the brownie’s oath to the tavernkeeper that I realized how it should end, and what the answer to the mystery of the Sword Tavern was.

Likewise, I’d read Seeing like a State long before, and discussed it many times with many people, but wasn’t until I sat down and wrote about it that the idea of bidirectional illegibility occurred to me. And I’m a computer scientist! My reflexive action when I meet a novel new function f(x) is supposed to be to try f(f(x)).

Anyway, writing doesn’t just help me organize my thoughts, it helps me clarify them, and come up with new insights I wouldn’t have gotten without actually writing them down. So I’m going to try to write more.


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