On difference and equality.

We have, I think, an interesting contrast in recent events, with Dylann Storm and Vester Flanagan. Both were similar, in attitudes and actions. Both raged at people of another race for their own woes and the degeneracy of the world around them, and both chose to express that rage through murder.

The media response has not been equal. It comes back to that evidence thing again. Some places on the internet Just Know that white Southerners are the root of all evil, and there they discuss Storm loudly. In others, it’s obvious that degenerate blacks are the root of all evil, and so Flanagan gets discussed and brought up. Both sides, of course, accuse the other of burying the lede on the actual, important, central example of events.

Both events happened, obviously. And both, while they were great tragedies, are entirely noncentral examples of how crime and murder in America usually happens. They are worth discussing, but only in the context of each other, to defy the first set of easy narratives, then an analysis of gun ownership and violent crime, to defy the second.

It would be nice if shocking acts of murder weren’t immediately politicized. That, sadly, is not the world we live in.


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